I spent this morning investing in the supplements recommended to me by Dr. Donovan at Bastyr. These are not your typical drug store supplements; these are high quality, high potency, and yes, high priced supplements designed to build up my immune system, maximize my digestive capabilities, boost my energy and prevent the cancer from returning. I’ll be taking:

Thorne Basic Nutrients III (multi-vitamin)
Pharmax HLC High Potency (Probiotic)
Panplex8 (pancreatic enzymes)
Natural E-400 Dry Caps (Vitamin E)
Vital Nutrients Green Tea Extract (and 5 big mugs of green tea/day)
Curcumin Extract
Eleuthro Root
New Chapter Cordyceps
Nordic Naturals Fish Oil
Vitamin D3 (4000 – 5000 IU/day)


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