Wednesday is Butt Day

….or, more accurately, “Legs Day”, but the “butt” is really what I’m focused on on Wednesdays.

When I met with the trainer on Wednesday, he suggested a strength training routine that involved back muscles on Monday, legs on Wednesday and chest/arms on Friday. Cardio exercise is on the remaining days. I explained to him what I’d been through over the past year, told him about my goal to ride in the Livestrong Challenge event in Seattle in June, and I told him that my immediate goal was to slowly start building my strength and endurance. “Most specifically” I said, “I want to work on my butt!” I now have no hiney and I wear size “0” pants so if I get any smaller I’m gonna have to shop in the children’s department. We checked my body fat and it’s nearly “off the chart Excellent”….like “real athlete” excellent! Woo Hoo! Very cool! Of course, I still have that “I’ve had kids” tummy….not much, but it’s there. My muscles are mushy, though. I’m no longer pudgy…..just soft.

So, today I warmed up on a recumbent bike then moved on to my leg exercises: leg press, hip abduction and adduction, curls, extensions and glutes.

After my workout, I had lunch….and choked again. I’m still choking on my food at least once a day and I’m anxious for that to improve. I have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow so I hope to get some answers then.


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