Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Earlier this week, the list of the top five dogs in each breed, the dogs that will automatically be invited to compete at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show next February, was announced. Herbie is among the 15″ Beagles that will be invited to attend….and I’ve received several inquiries since the announcement…

“Will Herbie be at Westminster?”

LOL! 😀 No. Westminster is in Madison Square Garden, in the heart of New York City, in February. When they’re not competing, the dogs are required to be benched….ie. remain in a small space, on display for the public. It’s very, very crowded and not a comfortable experience for the dogs or the exhibitors. I took a dog to one of these big shows once, the Eukanuba Invitational, the National Championship. My little 13″ bitch and I were overwhelmed by the crowds and I was afraid that she might get stepped on.  The “made for TV set”, the lighting and the commercial countdown clock in the corner of the group ring created a surreal atmosphere. I left that show with a ….”well, been there, done that” attitude toward the big made for TV dog shows. They’re fun to watch….at home, in front of a fire, with a nice glass of wine….but I don’t really have a desire to participate.


2 thoughts on “Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

  1. I agree! The Garden is a hell-hole!! The last time I went to Westminster I had a panic attack, and I didn’t even have a dog with me!

    Not for the faint of heart.

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