Professional Patient

……at least, it seems that way. Yesterday I saw my naturopath and we cut back on my supplements. I’ll gradually add them back, one per week, and hopefully we can identify which, if any, are causing me to feel fatigued. After seeing the naturopath, I grabbed a cup of soup for lunch then returned for my 1:00 acupuncture appointment. I had a different treatment this time, a stronger treatment. I didn’t sleep through the night last night but I do feel that the quality of my sleep is improving. Acupuncture has not been as effective in dealing with my hot flashes.

After three hours at Bastyr, I got in the car and ate half of a turkey sandwich. Well….tried to eat half of a turkey sandwich. I took one bite and spent the next 15 minutes throwing up. My esophagus was reattached to my stomach during the partial gastrectomy. This area is still a bit swollen and food is getting stuck. I actually feel it in my throat but the problem is further down. Sometimes I can relax until it passes but quite often I have to throw up in order to correct the situation. This generally happens with the first bite or two of a meal and it happens once each day. Fun! sigh. So…

….today I met with my gastroenterologist. Dr. Yap is my favorite doctor. He’s very nice to talk to and very compassionate. We talked about the functional difficulties that I’m having and I’m now scheduled to have the opening between my esophagus and stomach stretched next Thursday, December 4th. I’ll check in to the hospital at 8 am and will get to go home around 11 am. We talked about dumping syndrome, too, but I’m already doing everything that I can to minimize those symptoms. This will slowly improve with time but, for now, eating is often followed by nausea, lightheadedness, sweating and heart palpitations…..and a nap.


3 thoughts on “Professional Patient

  1. Best of luck. I hope all your hard work will pay off, and you can enjoy food and eating again.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  2. Just an idea, try drinking a warm liquid like tea , it may help relax or prevent the spasms. This is a trick people use for a similar symptom with hiatal hernia. Hope the stretching thing works and things get more back to normal.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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