Pins ‘n Needles

I’ll begin this post with thanks to Bev Davies-Fraser (Waskasoo Kennel Reg’d in Alberta, Canada). Bev sent me this photo today and it seemed so appropriate for the first day of December. Snow is rare in Seattle but the beagles always have such a good time playing in it when it does come. Thank you, Bev, for a great photo!

“So how was ‘pins ‘n needles’ today” said the voice on the other end of the phone. “Oh shoot! I need to leave” I exclaimed followed by a quick good-bye. My regular 1:00 appointment was at 3:00 today and I had lost track of time. I’ve had two major “dumping syndrome” episodes recently, one last night and one following lunch today. Last night I made a poor food choice and was MISERABLE for the rest of the night. When the doctors say that it could take more than a year to fully recover from my partial gastrectomy, they’re not kidding. Two months is clearly not long enough. Today’s episode was less “dramatic” but I still needed to lie down for two hours after lunch, I lost track of time and needed to rush to my acupuncture appointment.

Acupuncture is making a difference. When I started acupuncture 4 weeks ago, I was averaging 3 – 4 hours of sleep each night. I now average 6 hours. During today’s visit, both students and Dr. Yang checked my pulses as usual. They check three pulses on each wrist, corresponding to the upper chest, the abdomen and lower abdomen. They also ask to see my tongue and they all got really excited when they saw my tongue…..LOL! “Last week it was red” they said. “It looks much better this week” and then something about my Qi being low.

I find all of this to be fascinating and I want to know more about Chinese medicine. I’m reading “Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine” by Beinfield and Korngold. It’s written for the lay person but it takes a while for some of the eastern concepts to sink into a western brain. It fascinating and I’ll try to share more when I understand it better. My personality type is evenly divided between Fire and Water….LOL!….”Steam”! And, as I explained to Amanda this weekend, “I think that my Qi is out of whack”….but I need to do some more reading before I know what that means.

I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Our family gathered at my parents log home near Monroe, Washington. I ate a spoonful of mashed potatoes, a spoonful of sweet potatoes and two bites of turkey….and then I was stuffed. I also had three pickled brussels sprouts…..temporarily. They got stuck and had to come back up. Sigh. Some of you are probably thinking “Yeah, I think that I’d have a hard time keeping pickled brussels sprouts down, too!”….but they really are GOOD!

Finally, I’m still having problems with Microsoft Outlook…..unable to download e-mail since last Wednesday. It finally went through today and I will try to address the e-mail in my In box tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Pins ‘n Needles

  1. Hi,

    Snow is “everyday life to us ” =) But we have lost our first snow already = ( I hope we will have it again,,, soon!
    I’m so happy that you got some help from acupuncture and I can tell you that you will understand,,,, someday =)



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