Esophagus Stretched

The picture above is the Singapore Flyer….similar to the London Eye. Friends of mine are in Singapore at the moment and spent the day at the National Museum and on the Singapore Flyer. They had a great time and it’s nice to be able to picture where they’re at.

My day was less……ummmm….well, it was different. I was admitted to the hospital at 8 am this morning and had my esophagus stretched in order to reduce the amount of choking that I’ve been experiencing. It went well, I guess. I didn’t see my doctor afterward but he does want me to schedule an appointment. Apparently he did a biopsy while he was in there….not sure what that’s about….and I was sent home with some pictures that I’ll share later. I was also sent home with a prescription that I’ll need to take for five months……at $200/month. sigh

We got home from the hospital in time to load up all of the dogs and go to the vet. Herbie had his hips x-rayed for OFA certification and Maya got a health certificate so that she could spend the next week in southern California with the hottest little 13″ beagle in the land….BIS/BISS CH. Jabrwoki’s Le Hot Jazz, winner of this year’s national specialty. The rest of the dogs just got shots and Huey got a microchip.


2 thoughts on “Esophagus Stretched

  1. Glad your procedure is done, hope things improve dramatically! Prescriptions are so expensive! Marco is a little lonely without his playmate and looks forward to Maya coming home after her trip.

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