Busy Day

Today’s Flickr photo is from Laudes, Italy…near the Swiss and Austrian borders.

It’s been a busy day so far. I had Maya at the airport at 9:00 this morning. She’ll be spending a few days in southern California, lucky girl! It’s cold and wet here….I wish that I was going with her!

My weekly acupuncture appointment was at 1:00. My students are pleased with my progress. I’m sleeping better and this week I noticed a big improvement in my hot flashes. They were less intense and less frequent….hooray! I really look forward to my treatments each week. I enjoy working with Mike and Alan, the treatments are relaxing and they’re making a difference.

Current beagle count: 6. That’s a net -1 for today. We should be at -3 shortly. Sophie and DeeDee were our “guest beagles” for the past few days and their mom should be here to pick them up soon.

Tonight Larry and I will be going to the Western Washington Hound Assn. December meeting….which is really just dinner and socializing.

Tomorrow….back to the gym! I’ve been out of town or on the go for several days and I’m eager to get back in the gym.


2 thoughts on “Busy Day

  1. Since you are going to have fewer Beagles, maybe I’ll send Galahad for a visit. Maybe you can train him better than I can.

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