Back from the Gym

This photo is from Finland.

I spent two hours at the gym today……me! Sometimes I don’t recognize myself! LOL! I’ve never enjoyed working out. I’ve always been active….I rode horses before I could walk and broke my first horse when I was eleven (and she broke me, but I won’t go off on that tangent)…but I was never involved in sports or serious about exercise. Now…I enjoy going to the gym!! I spent 50 minutes on the bike today then lifted weights for 40 minutes. The best part is the sauna at the end! 😀 I’m making steady improvement each week and I’m recording my progress which helps to keep me focused.

I love acupuncture, too, and I REALLY look forward to my treatments each week. I haven’t noticed my hot flashes for more than a week and I’m sleeping 6 -7 hours each night (I averaged 3 – 4 prior to acupuncture).

Swallowing is better since my esophagus was stretched last week. The biopsy came back negative and they called this morning to tell me that they’d like to do another dilation in January. Oh boy! My stomach capacity is still quite small and I frequently overestimate how much I can eat….causing nausea, dizziness and heart palpitations….and the need to lie down for a couple of hours.


5 thoughts on “Back from the Gym

  1. You will look even more *hot* by next summer if you keep that exercise routine up! You should throw in Agility work with one of your dogs ~ that too will keep you on your toes. LOL. Good work, Carrie!!! 🙂

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