All Is Calm….

….for the moment. It’s a beautiful, sunny morning here. The temperature at 8 am was 15 degrees and we have just an inch or two of snow…..but…..

…..later today, the forecast is for blizzard conditions! We’re expecting sustained winds of 50 – 70 miles per hour with gusts to 90 miles per hour and 3 – 8 inches of snow!

As you see in this photo, our house is surrounded by giant evergreen trees. Just to the left of our house is our kennel building….and 17 more evergreen trees. When the wind starts to blow, it sounds like a freight train is rumbling through our backyard. Branches fall…..but we’ve never had a tree come down.

We’re prepared for a power outage: lots of firewood, candles and propane in the BBQ, in case we need it for cooking. Fortunately, the weather is expected to improve next week but the next couple of days could be exciting!

Noon Update: Light  snow beginning to fall, light breeze beginning to blow.

6 pm Update: Light snow since 3 pm, 1/2 inch accumulated, wind has been blowing for a couple of hours….not the 50 – 70 mph winds yet…..but pretty gusty.


4 thoughts on “All Is Calm….

  1. We are buttoning down the hatches too. Praying this is just one of those overly frantic forecasts and nothing comes of it. Huddle up all your dogs, light the fire, sip some wine, and enjoy the weekend! 🙂

  2. We had about 6 inches of snow yesterday. It is quiet today, but more snow is on its way. I have been busy making dog treats for Galahad’s friends.

  3. Hello Carrie,

    I am an old friend of your Mom & Dad’s – they included your web site in their Christmas letter. My second husband, Dave Minton, had a full gastrectomey – just about two years ago – his was for a medical reason like yours – but his was because his stomach had died due to lack of blood flow – long story. About 4 months later he had a bypass put in to help the blood flow to his intestines.

    I do not remember much about the first months or so – he was pretty sick – Actually for the first 6 mopnthshe had a tube inserted through his abdomen and I gave him a tube feeding every night and he eat during the days what he could. I can tell you though – it goes get better! He is so proud that his BM’s are now about normal most days.
    He eats pretty much what he wants now and has for about a year or so – he was able to stretch what little stomach he has so he eats a full meal – he like you though has trouble gaining weight. The Dr he sees here in California does gastric by passes often for weight loss and Dave is going to get some hi- protein powder from them that should help him gain weight – it is sugar free – which would help with the dumping.

    My daughter, Elizabeth, partner has CF and has had both his lungs transplanted about 7 years ago. After three years or so he had non hodgkins lymphoma and has come through that – but has his good days and bad days .

    Her blog is If I can help or answer questions do not hesitate to contact me.
    Stay warm and safe

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