All Is…..White!

We got 4 – 5 inches of snow last night with a crusty coating of freezing rain this morning. The wind last night blew with gusts up to 40 – 50 miles per hour but, just 30 minutes east of here, in Enumclaw, wind gusts were as strong as 90 – 100 miles per hour.

We never lost power but, for some reason, my e-mail isn’t working again.

2 pm Update: It’s been snowing most of the day and there’s still a bit of breeze in the air.  My e-mail is still not working….sigh.


7 thoughts on “All Is…..White!

  1. So glad you didn’t lose power!!
    We’re clear across the country and we got hammered with the white stuff: 15″ Friday night and another 6″ overnight. Thank heavens we don’t have the powerful winds. Yet.
    Stay warm!

  2. I have never been into dog sweaters ~ but after seeing Cora SHAKING in the snow last night, I thought, maybe a sweater for Christmas would be appropriate. Spoiled girl! She would probably love it! Gorgeous outside!!!!!

  3. Galahad always wears a coat in cold weather. I cannot put sweaters on him, because I cannot touch his legs.
    He is a spoiled brat!!!!

  4. I bet as much as Maya hates the cold and snow, she is trying to figure out how to get a few extra days in southern California!

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