I couldn’t find a ruler this morning….but I did find a new use for my wicket! 😀 We have about 8 inches of snow.


6 thoughts on “Wicket

  1. *laughing* love it, I should break mine out and check although i have the feeling my snow is about to go oversize where it hasn’t been packed down by us or the dogs.

  2. Put out a bunch of them and it would make a lovely jumpers course! I am inspired. I’m going out to set up a course in the snow for Kyla. That should be something worth seeing!

  3. What a great idea to measure! We got about 8″ by Saturday night, followed by freezing rain which compacted the snow a little bit. The dogs love the snow but were a little put off by the layer of ice that developed on top of the snow. It held them sometimes and other times they would fall through then have to bound up to get out of it all to fall through again!
    All of the dog prints were covered by fresh snow this morning (monday) by another good inch or two I’m guessing, with more falling and another several inches expected today/tonight. We love the snow!!

  4. yep…. oversize here for sure with even more in the forecast
    beagles will be ready for earthdog trials with all of the tunnels they have 🙂

  5. Galahad is afraid of the snow when he sinks in. It is hard on top, but not hard enough to support him. He does like the frozen rabbit poop though.

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