Temporary Menopause

The alternate title for this post is “What I Got For Christmas”….

I got my period. Sigh. Weep. Moan. I’ve been in a chemo-induced, temporary menopause since May…..which has been a fabulous bonus from the whole chemo experience. Apparently that’s all over, though. I’ve spent the last few days getting reacquainted with migraines, bloating and the emotional rollercoaster the comes with estrogen.

I woke Christmas morning to a beautiful white Christmas with snowflakes falling down. It was another sparse Christmas. Larry is a realtor so the last three Christmases have been focused on celebrating the true meaning of the holiday…..which, to be honest, has been very nice. Larry did close two deals this month so he got a much needed new laptop, I get to spend a couple of days in Palm Springs for New Years and Amanda got three tickets to see the matinee performance of The Color Purple this afternoon with friends. But….since only one friend is available, I will be joining them. Off to the theatre….


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