Today’s photo is from the north shore of Kauai. Larry has won a free trip to Hawaii so we’re making plans to go there in February. We’ve never been to Hawaii so we’re really excited about the trip! 😀

I watched Oprah today and thought about how many people are making new year’s resolutions to lose weight and/or get in shape. It’s a resolution that I’ve made (and broken) in the past but one of the positive things that happened to me since my diagnosis with cancer is a desire to be the healthiest that I can be. One thing that has helped me is the incredible support that I’ve received from friends around the world. It’s amazing to hear from people who regularly read my blog….some are good friends, others are acquaintances who have simply been inspired by my story. Knowing that you’re checking on me and reading my blog keeps me going! Thank you!

I hope that I can inspire you to live healthier in 2009, too! Even small changes can make a big impact on your life. I was never a goal oriented person. For years, I thought of goals as “something to fall short of”. I’ve learned to not be so hard on myself, though. I set small, easily attainable goals for myself and if my goals change….that’s ok. There are too many variables in life, things we have no control over, that can change our course. The important thing is to keep living the best life that you can.

I’ve never been one to write in a diary or a journal either but I’ve found that blogging helps me to put a focus on each day (among other things). I also use “The Daily Plate” on to record everything that I eat, the exercise that I get, the amount of sleep that I get, the amount of water that I drink, and on and on. It’s so easy and it only takes a few minutes each day but it really helps me to keep my diet and exercise on track. I’ve been working out for six weeks now. When I began riding the stationary bike, I was at level one for 20 minutes. I now ride for 50 minutes at level twelve! I’m lifting weights and, in some cases, I’m lifting twice what I lifted when I began. It’s encouraging to look back at my workout journal to see that improvement.

I hope that you’ll make 2009 the healthiest year that you’ve ever lived.  I’ll be working hard to regain my strength and my health and I’ll post updates on my blog from time to time.  I hope to hear from you, too!

Esophagus Update:  I had my esophagus strectched again today.  I’ve been choking again, more and more, so this should help things go down again.  Tomorrow I have an acupuncture appointment!  Hooray!  The recent snow caused me to cancel a couple of appointments so it’s been several weeks since I’ve had acupuncture.  I’ll see my surgeon for a post-op appointment next week and I have a CT scan scheduled for the 20th.  January will be quite a month for doctor appointments….I have at least two appointments scheduled each week.


8 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Congrats on Larry winning the trip to Hawaii! Lucky you going in February. Which island? (If you want “local” tips let me know)

    I think John and I will be on the Big Island for a long weekend vacation and then Oahu to visit family.

  2. Way cool. Have a great time. Maya says to come home before her due date – she does not want us to have to deliver her babies! :o)

  3. Once again, reading your blog has lifted me from a somewhat self-imposed “funk”. Perspective is what I need for the new year and your blog often makes me reflect of my own perspective on life.

    Enjoy Hawaii! It is so beautiful and the blossom fragrances seem to permeate the air wherever you go. Humidity……..good for the skin & hair.
    Mai Tai……..good for nothing, but good none the less! Ocean & sunsets……..good for the soul!

    Happy New Year.


  4. Larry, Carrie and Family

    This is Tim. I’ve been a faithful follower of your incredible journey. My wife and I along with 18 other people went to Kauai last year. If you want any advice on your trip we have it. Our personal Favorite was a trip to Kipu Falls. You can swing on a rope into the warm lagoon or you can jump off of the 20 foot waterfall. Either way it’s a great memory.

  5. Congratulations and it sounds like things are going well. I also got a clean scan recently so it’s one year and counting!

    You will love Kauai. Get the guidebook “The ultimate Kauai guidebook”. It is spot on with recommendations and suggestions. Aloha!

    Mary Selstead (Cheesman)

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