Two Busy Weeks


The last 10 days have been busy.  A good friend of ours visited for a week, torrential rains caused flooding and changes in plans, and I had three days of dog shows last weekend.  Ava earned two more points and is just a few single points from becoming a champion.  Click on the “Team Beagle” blog link to the right for additional photos from last weekend.  Thank you Janet and Jo for the great photos!  😀

Ava Side Gait

Luigi, our wire-haired dachshund, earned another point, too, and needs just three points to finish.

We said farewell to our friend yesterday and I’ve spent today trying to pick up loose ends.  I had an acupuncture treatment this afternoon and conversations with doctors later in the day.  My swallowing has worsened after last week’s esophagus stretching so we’ll need to do some further testing to determine a course of action.  I’m choking on food and having to cough it up occasionally.  I frequently need to lie down for an hour or two after eating until the sensation subsides….and then, of course, it’s time to eat again.  Next week’s schedule includes:  CT scan Tuesday morning, Acupuncture Wednesday afternoon, Esophagram Thursday morning and an appointment with my oncologist Friday morning.

In the meantime, life goes on.  I leave for Portland in the morning….for dog shows Friday thru Monday.  I’ll be showing Ava and Luigi; David will be showing Herbie.

E-mail has been piling up and I apologize if you’ve been waiting to hear from me.  I haven’t had time to spend at the computer but I hope to get to it between doctor appointments next week.  Thank you for the notes of encouragement and concern.  I’m ok……it’s just difficult to keep up sometimes…..


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