Catching Up

Today I’ll be daydreaming in Portofino.

When I’m not daydreaming, I’ll be trying to get caught up on the many things that demand my attention. After the long 4-day weekend of dog shows in Portland, there’s much to do. It was a disappointing weekend (no points for Ava or Luigi) but there were some bright spots: the sun was out for the entire weekend, I found “490”, and Herbie won the variety two days out of four. On one of those days, the groups and Best in Show were recorded for television and will air on Animal Planet on April 11th.

I was able to watch Barack Obama as he was sworn in to office yesterday morning, then dashed off for a CT scan. Today I have a “very important hair appointment” followed by acupuncture. Thursday, esophagram; Friday, oncologist; Monday, naturopath. There’s not an empty square on my calendar for the month of January.

I’m feeling ok. I’m managing to maintain my weight in spite of my busy and irregular schedule. I often have to lay down after eating which just keeps me more and more behind on the things that I need to get done. I weigh 117 pounds and I’m a size “0”…..not an easy size to find when you go shopping. Unless, of course, you shop at the prepubescent children’s stores (I never thought that I’d be wearing jeans from Aeropostale!).  Last night I tried to shop online for clothes to take to Hawaii (I don’t have any warm weather “tiny clothes”) and I’m having a terrible time trying to find any at this time of year. I may have to wait until I get there.

Much to do…..


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