Monday Morning in Kauai


I don’t know yet what Monday holds in store.  It rained overnight and the skies are grey but I see hints of blue sky to the west.  Sunday’s adventure took us west, along the southern coast of the island with a stop along the way at the Kauai Coffee Plantation.  I’d never seen coffee growing and it seemed strange to see the coffee groves extend to the Pacific Ocean.  In the gift shop, more than a dozen coffees were available for tasting and Larry (not a coffee drinker) accidently sampled the chocolates on the counter, only to discover that there was a coffee bean inside.  What a surprise!  🙂

From there, we drove along the coast and spent some time at the beach, working on our tans….and our legs.  I try to walk on the beach each day to build the muscle in my legs and I feel it in my calves each morning when I get up.


We then drove north, through the Waimea Canyon, the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, stopping along the way to take pictures….and to have our picture taken….


We stopped for ice cream in Koloa before heading home to dinner (Ono) at the condo.  Larry has created a virtual tour of yesterday’s photos:


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning in Kauai

  1. I woke to a dusting of snow ~ wanna see my slide show?! LOL. You have inspired me to want to go to the Islands BADLY!! 🙂 Do coffee plants smell, or do the beans smell after roasting? Have you seen any land critters? Enjoy your Monday!

  2. ahhh…. Hawaiian coffee the best there is! Hawaiian Isles coffee and my favourite is Lion Brand Kona Gold, I hoard it when ever we get it 🙂

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