Perfect Day At Haena Beach


I’m going to inflict two more beach photos on you!  We had a perfect day on Haena Beach today…my favorite beach on Kauai…the same beach that they used as Bali Hai in “South Pacific”.  This is a view from the beach.


And this is one final view of me in my tankini.  I keep thinking…”Ok…all these bikini shots are a bit narcissistic….but…2009 is all about getting my body healthy again and…Hey! for the first time in my life I feel good about how I look in a bikini and I am the fittest girl on the beach!”

We’re back at the condo now, packing for the flight home.  I’m going to have Mu Shu Pork at Keoki’s Paradise and then we’re headed home.  I can’t wait to squeeze a beagle again!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Perfect Day At Haena Beach

  1. What wonderful memories you will have of your vacation!

    We have a very cute little pumpkin shaped Beagle for you to squeeze! Can’t wait for you to see our little round Maya!

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