Meet Paisley


Talbot Hill One Moment More, “Paisley”

I try to find call names that share meaning with the registered name…but that’s not always possible.  “Paisley” and “One Moment More” (from the song by Mindy Smith) are simply two of my favorite names from the “One” list and the “P” list in the “Sacred Book of Puppy Names”.  😀

I have such a good time coming up with puppy names!  The “Sacred Book of Puppy Names”, where I record all of my name ideas, is never far away….and if it is, I have the voice recorder on my Pocket PC.  I have one more call name to come up with in this litter:  Talbot Hill One In Every Crowd.  I just know that there’s a “P” name that will go with that registered name….I just have to think of it.  Last night, at 4 in the morning, it occured to me:  Talbot Hill One In Every Crowd…….”Pleaser”.  Now, I’m not sure that that’s the name I want but if one of the top beagles of all time could be called “Prune”, I suppose “Pleaser” wouldn’t be that strange!   😀


3 thoughts on “Meet Paisley

  1. Team Beagle starting to get our creative name juices flowing for Abba’s pups. So here is an idea for One in Every Crowd or future pups “P” names


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