Meet Pippin


Talbot Hill One More Thyme, “Pippin”

After much consideration, I decided upon Pippin’s name today.  He’s the smallest puppy in the litter, weighing just 7 ounces at birth, so I was considering the name “Pico”, which means small.  I also considered Pepper and Parsley, as several have suggested.  When I was chatting online today with my daughter, Marie, she immediately thought of Pippin, the smallest hobbit from The Lord of the Rings.  Now, I’ve never read or seen The Lord of the Rings but I like the name and, since it’s also a musical reference and a botanical reference (type of apple), I decided to go with that.  I’m hoping that Pippin might be a 13″ beagle, in which case I might actually be tempted to keep “One More Thyme” (one more red & white boy).  At the rate that he’s eating, though, he may soon catch up with his brothers and sisters!  He has a very good appetite.


One thought on “Meet Pippin

  1. He is so cute! I want to cuddle them all – we felt them wiggling around inside Maya at my parents house a few days before they were born, they’re so cute!

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