Oscar Night

My favorite night of the year, of course, is the night that we set the clocks back. My second favorite night is Oscar night. I’m not a big film fan (at most I probably watch half a dozen films each year) but I do get caught up in the Oscar excitement. I admire the art and creativity that goes into filmmaking on so many levels. I also enjoy the fashion and the acceptance speaches.

This year I’ve seen Slumdog Millionaire (it was entertaining, not great but I enjoyed it) and yesterday I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Reader. It was interesting that the two films that I saw yesterday involved a parent telling their child about the love of their life and how that love affected their life. I loved both films and I’m not sure which I would choose if I got to vote for Best Picture. I’ll wait for Milk and Frost/Nixon to come out on DVD.


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2 thoughts on “Oscar Night

  1. And I remember Oscar Night because it was the first day we met Cora!! We came over in the afternoon and I remember being all jazzed about her cute puppies and about the adult beagles in your care, never thinking that SHE would be ours one day. That evening, I could hardly concentrate on the Oscars because my mind was spinning over Beagles!!! 🙂

  2. I have been renting movies from I-Tunes and watching them on my laptop, which is 17.5 inch screen. They have the latest movies and older ones also. You can rent or buy some. I am not a movie fan, but I am having sleepless nights, so it is something to do.

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