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7 thoughts on “Vote For Your Favorite Name!

  1. I have a question about ranking. How does Ch. Just Wright The Full Monty have 681 points to Herbie’s 435, when Just Wright does not have any BIS & only 2 GP1 to Herbie’s 5?
    Is it that he was just in more shows?

  2. In answer to Maureen’s question above, dogs are ranked annually in two categories, Breed and All-Breed, in both cases determined by the number of dogs defeated for the given year, dogs of it’s own breed (or variety) and dogs of all breeds. Herbie had a history making year in 2008, becoming the first red & white beagle in the history of the breed, anywhere in the world, to win multiple Best in Shows. He ended 2008 ranked #2 in both Breed and All-Breed Categories.

    Herbie will only be shown occasionally in 2009. Instead, he will spend more time at home on the couch or running in the yard…..whether he is at home in Portland or Seattle. Already this year he has received several Best of Variety (Breed) awards as well as a Group 1 and a Group 3 and he will be siring litters both in the US and abroad.

  3. Thank you Carrie. Herbie is a beautiful dog & I know you are very proud of him, as you should be. I hope he has fun this year. My dream is to own one of his puppies one day.

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