I met with my neurologist today. I first met him four years ago after I had my first seizure. I had been on vacation in Las Vegas and whether it was the dry climate, a combination of caffeine and alcohol, the flashing lights or a change in hormone levels….we don’t know, but I had a grand mal seizure in a casino and spent my Las Vegas vacation in the Las Vegas hospital. 😦 We ran tests when I got home but we couldn’t identify a cause for the episode.

Monday night I had my second seizure. I had gone into the kitchen to fix dinner and 45 minutes later I stumbled out into the office to find Larry, my face covered in blood. I’d had no aura, no dizzy spell before hand…..or if I did, the fall knocked the memory of it out of my head. Two hours later I was still struggling to remember what day it was and remember the names of my dogs. They took care of me in the ER and sent me home around 2:30 am.

Today my neurologist told me that one incident is one thing…..but a second incident is something else. I can’t drive legally for the next six months and he wants me to consider anti-seizure medication. I’ll have an MRI next week to rule out an infection due to the chemotherapy……or goodness knows what else….. The one common factor between the two incidents is that they both occured just a few hours before the start of my period. Ordinarily this triggers a migraine but it’s possible that hormone levels could be causing the seizures, too. It would be nice to find an answer!

Until then…..more tests…..and no driving…..


5 thoughts on “Seizures

  1. What difficult news to hear. Keep us posted as you learn more and hopefully in your case, a definite answer will come soon. You continue to be in our prayers! Give me a ring if you need a ride ~ I would be happy to lend a hand ~ we live so close.

  2. And I thought I had it rough because I am in the middle of writing report cards. Suddenly I don’t feel sorry for myself anymore. Lots of Canadian love coming your way!

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