Puppies at 4 Weeks


The puppies had their “Week 4” photo session today…..and Porter didn’t want to participate!  Photos and video of the puppies are on my web site:


7 thoughts on “Puppies at 4 Weeks

  1. The videos are so cute. I love the way they chew on each other.
    I received a very nice note from the vet that took care of Vulture. It was so kind of her.

  2. Oh my goodness they are so cute! I love how they are trying to run around and flop over. They seem like they are getting very playful. I love the head shots, the little spots on their noses are too cute!

  3. Oh my god….puppies! I’m so glad you found homes for them all already. This reduces my temptations in getting one. Otherwise this picture would be so dangerous for me….Pancake has been enjoying other dogs so much lately.

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