Six Months Later

It’s now six months since my partial gastrectomy. The stricture in my esophagus has improved, with the aid of two stretchings, but occasionally I still have the sensation that food is stuck, unable to move into my stomach. My stomach capacity is about the same. I can eat about a cup of food at a time and if I eat too much, I feel uncomfortable and need to lie down for an hour or two. Dairy no longer agrees with me and I can’t eat sugar dense foods without feeling miserable.

My days are constantly focused on getting enough calories and nutrients and maintaining my weight. A year ago, I was going through chemotherapy and weighed 145 pounds. When chemo ended at the end of June, I wanted to help my body heal…to be as healthy as possible. I lost 20 pounds and felt great when I had my surgery in October. Since the partial gastrectomy, I’ve lost another 11 pounds and I now weigh 114 pounds. I can’t lose any more weight.

I’m no longer going to the gym…..I don’t have any extra calories to burn. I still plan to ride in the Livestrong Challenge in June but I need to be very careful about training for the ride.

I’ve had no other episodes since my seizure in February, the lingering effect of which is my inability to drive for 6 months. I have been dealing with depression, however. Since my seizure, I’ve had three episodes of depression, for two or three days feeling down, unmotivated and fatigued. If I didn’t have a litter of puppies to take care of, I would just spend the day in bed. This is unusual for me and these periods of depression are obvious. I’ll see my neurologist next week and will discuss the depression with him.

I’m getting acupuncture treatments again…..hooray! Before my seizure, I would drive to Seattle (nearly an hour drive), spend an hour at the clinic and then drive home. Now that I can’t drive, I needed to find a therapist closer to home. Acupuncture was very effective in treating my insomnia and hot flashes but after a couple months without, my body has reverted back to it’s previous tendencies. I’m sleeping 4 – 5 hours per night, I’m having hot flashes and my periods have stopped.


5 thoughts on “Six Months Later

  1. I have been worried that you have not been writing on your blog. I am not surprised that you are having bouts of depression, you and your body have gone through so much, it takes time to heal in the many ways you need to heal. You said something about talking to a nutritionist. Have you? Maybe they could suggest something you can eat that agrees with you and will help you gain some weight.
    I truly hope you feel better,and find some help and comfort.
    Take care, you are in my thoughts and prayers as usual.

  2. Reading this post, it appears you have been through a lot. I am sure you’ll get through your depression as you have with your surgery.

    wishing you well.
    streetsmart 🙂

  3. Hey, I’m having hot flashes and my periods have stopped too….oh, maybe that’s because I turn 50 in 3 months.

    Be of good cheer, little Whip-poorwill! Summer is on the way!

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