Snail’s Pace

When I was thinking about today’s blog post, I decided that a snail would be the perfect illustration to go along with what I have to share….and then this popped up on today’s “Flickr Most Interesting Photos”. Perfect!

“Snail’s Pace” refers to the speed at which my digestive system has been working for the past five days. When I had my partial gastrectomy, the vagus nerve (which helps move food through the stomach) ran through my tumor and had to be removed. Six months later, my digestive function has improved but there are still times when the food just sits there. This is one of those times. I eat and then I lie down, feeling full and miserable and burping, even when I’ve only had a little food to eat. There are tricks, of course: eat more fruits, vegetables and fiber, take magnesium and, if necessary, I can take Reglan to help move things along.

So that’s my Facebook status for today: “Tryin’ to move things along”….but I won’t be posting my status. I’ll just share it with those of you who care enough to read my blog! 😉


6 thoughts on “Snail’s Pace

  1. Good thing summer is coming and you will have a wonderful assortment of fruits to eat 🙂 Here’s hoping things move along a little faster.

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