Sony Reader

I love to read.  My grandfather was a librarian and my grandmother taught first grade so I suppose that a love of books came naturally.  I could spend all day at Borders or Barnes & Noble…..most of them are associated with Starbucks or Seattle’s Best Coffee….so what more could you ask for!?!

One bit of “life’s wisdom” that I’ve passed on to my daughters is “Never leave home without a book”.  For years I’d wait at gymnastics lessons, ballet lessons, music lessons and, particularly lately, at doctors’ offices.  Having something to read certainly helps to pass the time.  When I travel, or when I’m away on a dog show weekend, it’s nice to have things to read, too, but I’m often reading several things at once so I end up packing several books, not knowing what I’ll feel like reading when the opportunity presents itself.

Several months ago, I used part of the money from the sale of a puppy to buy myself a Sony e-Reader.  I doubted that I would enjoy it the way I enjoyed reading a traditional book…..or seeing a bookshelf full of books…..but the convenience of being able to take many books with me wherever I went appealed to me.  I put several books on my new eReader and started reading…….and I was hooked!  The eReader is lightweight, portable and easy to read.  It marks my place when I stop reading and I can pick up where I left off when I turned it off.  I have more than 40 books now, including the Bible, and I’ve just scratched the surface of my storage capacity.  The battery lasts several days and recharges quickly….and I never thought that I’d say it but I prefer reading my eReader to reading traditional books…..

……but I still LOVE to hang out at Borders……!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Sony Reader

  1. I am hooked on books on CD or tape – almost always have one going in the car. Will have to check out what you have!

  2. Went to New Orleans recently for Jazz Fest. Tony Bennett at 80plus still sounds great. Marcia Ball and Bonnie Raitt were great. Had to ask someone who “Sugarland” is. Great time there. Mark’s 11 and 4 year old also entertained us for a few days. Braeden is 11 and on a “traveling” baseball team. We watched his weekend games in Baton Rouge, LA. While in New Orleans we went to a wonderful Hotel Bar for some typical Jazz entertainment. A group of 20plus year olds were dancing East Coast Swing. Really cool! Love books too, it’s in our genes. For mothers day, birthdays and Christmas I now get Barnes and Noble gift certificates. Stay happy, you are in our prayers. Luv, Martha Sue

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