Coffee, Tea or Dilantin….

The first time that I met my neurologist, he came into the exam room cracking jokes. He didn’t tell any jokes today. Today we had to get serious, as I knew that we would. Unmedicated, my seizures will just increase in frequency so he’s starting me out on Dilantin…..ten of them today and three each night at bedtime thereafter. The pharmacist said that I’d be pretty out of it today so I’m trying to get this post done before the medication takes effect (perhaps its too late). I’ll continue on Dilantin for a couple of months and then switch to Lamictal which has fewer side effects (and is very expensive).

OK….so I’m starting to feel a little loopy…..

The next thing that we discussed was the fact that I won’t be able to drive for six months. I knew that this was coming so I’d had time to come to grips with this reality…..but I wasn’t prepared for what came next……

“That’s It! No more caffeine!”

OH NO! I’ve managed to wean myself off of coffee but I still enjoy tea and I drink it throughout the day…..what am I going to do!!??!!

That’s going to be it for today….I’m going to go lie down….


4 thoughts on “Coffee, Tea or Dilantin….

  1. Drink Green Tea, it is good for you. Hope you feel better and things work out for you. As always you are in my prayers.

    • Yes, I love green tea….I drink it every day…..but it has caffeine and I’m not supposed to drink it. Even decaffeinated tea has some caffeine in it and is off limits! 😦

  2. Hey Carrie

    What have your naturopaths suggested about the seizures? I wasn’t able to wean him off Rxs completely, but I made HUGE decreases in the phenobarb I had one of my dogs on with idiopathic seizures. Just thought I would mention it….The problem with all the supplements is that no insurance covers it and they ARE expensive. Wishing you the very best way thru this journey.

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