Dilantin….Day 1

I was trying to figure out where I was in my Wizard of Oz analogy…..if cancer was the woods and remission is the field of poppies, where am I now? Flying monkeys seems about right. Having taken 1000 mg of Dilantin yesterday, I woke with a headache this morning and if I move suddenly, I’m dizzy. But….life goes on….

Velma is due tomorrow and I’m taking her down to Lesley’s to deliver the litter (long story). While I’m there, I’ll breed Ava to Thomas (the Danish boy). Raising puppies is one thing that I can do while I’m stuck at home! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Dilantin….Day 1

  1. Slow down!!! Take it easy, let your body rest. It is telling you something.
    Hope all goes well with the puppies.

  2. Oh dear, Carrie! That image of the flying Monkeys is scary!! I know your doc said no more caffeine, but what was his take on alcohol?! I would need some if I was seeing “that” image. LOL!!!

  3. Good lord. I really thought that the flying monkeys in the movie were terrifying–until now. Now I realize that THAT was the sanitized version!!

    Consider a trip to Vegas and the Flying Monkey bar at MGM Grand to take the edge off….

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