From A Patient’s Perspective

Yes, I’ve blogged a lot today but I need to do something to keep from scratching…..

I just got off the phone with mom, venting my frustrations with medical professionals…as usual, with a sense of humor, because it doesn’t do any good to be grumpy…..but really….

… it too much to ask for my doctors to care about me 24/7 and not just 9 to 5? And, if they go on vacation or if they go out to lunch, shouldn’t there be someone who can answer my questions? And, if that person is supposed to be an M.A. or a P.A. or an S.A. or an M.B.A., shouldn’t they have my doctor’s cell phone number in case of emergency or severe allergic reaction?

… it impossible to hire receptionists who can manage the slightest semblance of sympathy for the pitiful woman standing on the other side of their desk? And why are they never able to schedule a follow-up while I’m there? “I’ll put you on our call list and we’ll call to schedule”….and then they never do….so I’m left to remember when I was supposed to come back.

….I don’t want to go to the ER or to Urgent Care unless I absolutely have to. You hear stories all the time about how ER’s are overwhelmed with patients. I have a complicated medical history and I want to talk to doctors who are familiar with my case. I don’t want to go to Emergency, feeling miserable, and have to regurgitate the story of my lymphoma, my chemo, my partial gastrectomy, my esophagus stretching, my seizures and my medications.

I’m sure that I’ll add more to this later bur, for now, I need to scratch….


3 thoughts on “From A Patient’s Perspective

  1. NO! It is not to much to ask. That is what they are there for.
    I cannot understand the lack of support and care you receive from your doctors.
    My aunt had a home visit from her doctor when I called about what I thought might be an infection on her arm, turned out to be an alergic reaction to something. She got a shot and some cream, now all is well.
    I hope you are feeling better. God bless Amanda.

  2. Amazing… someone that had a home visit from a doctor.. and in this century? I find it is difficult to even get in when you are sick and need care! (Yes, I think I do have the same primary care physician that you do…) I remember standing outside their office with an elderly person and another patient – (we were all the required 15 minutes early) and a sign on the door saying the office was closed until 15 minutes after our appointments for a staff meeting… it just seems to be how they all operate these days! They really could use some customer service training. Hard not to be frustrated at times, you always have a wonderful attitude no matter how bad things get!

    I hope things start clearing up for you really soon. Eight puppy hugs and a big hug for Amanda is probably the best medicine!

  3. WOW! A home visit from a doctor! That IS amazing!

    At 5:30 pm, I’m still red and itchy from head to toe. I’m alternately hot and cold and, having just taken the second dose of my meds, I’ll see how I’m feeling in the morning and may need to start making some phone calls again.

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