Wild berries

I’ve been craving raspberries lately….any fruit really. Fruit is light and easier on my stomach. I had Cheerios for breakfast this morning and had to lie down for an hour afterward until the feelings of nausea subsided….but I have to keep eating. I weighed 114 pounds this morning, a weight that I’ve only reached once before. I try to maintain 117 – 120 pounds and I start to get worried when I get down to 114. So…I’ll be force feeding myself today….

I seem to be tolerating my seizure medication (Keppra) better. I’m now taking 750 mg/twice a day and next week I’ll increase my dose to 1000 mg/twice a day. I experience some sleepiness, some mild nausea, some difficulty swallowing and my energy level is low. But….my head is a bit clearer and I’m not sleeping ALL of the time…so that’s an improvement.

I’ll be headed south to the Portland area later this afternoon with Luigi’s mom, Kathy. I’ll be showing Herbie this weekend……and I’m just glad that he knows what he’s doing. I hope that I’ll have the stamina to keep up with him.

I’d better go pack….and groom my dog….


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