Those who know me well know that one of my favorite places in the world is the courtyard in front of our house. It’s nothing special to the average person, I suppose, but it’s where I like to go for quiet time. I listen to the birds sing, the bees buzz, I enjoy the many flowers that are blooming (including a rose from my grandmother’s much loved garden) and the warmth of the sun on my face. This morning I sat with my cup of tea (don’t tell my neurologist!), finished my book, then reflected on the wonderful weekend that just passed….

My good friend, Kathy, was my transportation for the weekend and we had such a good time talking on our drive down to Oregon and back. We laughed and shared some idiosyncracies….among them, my license plate game. Few things can brighten my day like finding my next license plate and I will scream wildly when the next plate is spotted. Kathy needed to be warned of this as we set off for the weekend. As we set off for home yesterday, she told me that she found herself looking, over the weekend for “000” and my next number “516”. With an hour left to go on our way home yesterday, there it was…..”516″….and I shrieked with delight. Fortunately, Kathy had been forewarned so she wasn’t too startled and then, moments later, we both saw “517”….both shrieking and then laughing….. It was fun to share with her the silly little things that make us happy and have meaning in our lives…..and which might seem so insignificant to others.

I shared with her, too, that I love peonies and had planted a couple of peonies last summer. They bloomed last week and they’re beautiful but, silly me, I had chosen a variety without fragrance!!!! When we got to Kathy’s house, it was filled with beautiful, fragrant peonies from their garden and Kathy sent me home with some…..thank you, Kathy!!! šŸ™‚

I share something else with Kathy (well, many things, really, but just one more that I’ll share here). For one reason or another, Kathy has been Herbie’s ride home every time that he has gone Best in Show. Yesterday Herbie won the Cascade Hound Show under breeder/judge, Skip Herendeen…..a wonderful win with some top hounds represented in the group. BIS/BISS CH. Jabrwoki’s Le Jazz Hot, sire of my February litter, also place in the group on both Saturday and Sunday and Herbie’s “Danish cousin”, Thomas (who I recently bred to my bitch, Ava) represented the 15″ variety on Saturday and earned a G4. It was a great weekend and a great chance to spend time with friends.

I’ll stay put for the next month or so….doing a little gardening, trying to put on some weight and enjoying my puppies. I’ll take my Jazz puppies to a fun match next weekend and look forward to the next beagle specialty in July. I’m adjusting well to my new medication, although I had a rather rough night last night. What I’m able to eat or drink one night may be very different from what I can eat or drink the next and the amount that I can handle can vary so much. I have my “fuzzy” moments and spells of dizziness and nausea when I just try to sit and behave myself….and not tip over.


3 thoughts on “Peonies

  1. I am truly very happy for you. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Please give Herbie a kiss for me and Sir Galahad sends his congrats.
    Take care of yourself.
    I can relate to you special place in the garden. I have one also and love to sit with a cup of coffee and take a little time out for me.
    I love to garden and wish I had more time. I tend to buy plants everytime I can. Some say I overdue, but I love it.
    Well best to everyone, and every dog.

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