A Difficult Week

Cancer changes your life, not only when you’re in the midst of the battle, going through chemo or radiation, but long afterward as well. I’ve been in remission since last October when surgery removed my tumor and left me with a much smaller stomach and a reconstructed digestive system. This year has been much more difficult than last as I struggle to keep weight on and keep food in my body. I’ve spent this week in a constant rotation from bed to bathroom to beagles to breakfast table (eight months later, dumping syndrome is still a frequent problem). I need a belt to hold up my size 0 jeans and….really!!!….a B cup is just wishful thinking!

But I didn’t start this post to complain….I want to celebrate! On Sunday I’ll walk in the Livestrong Challenge in Seattle in honor of my own fight with cancer and in honor of those who have inspired me: friends and family who have fought their own battle with cancer and the friends, family and even virtual strangers who have reached out in support of those fighting this disease.

A very dear friend of mine begins cancer treatment on Monday. My advice to him? Maintain a positive attitude and a sense of humor…and know that there are amazing things being done in cancer treatment! My advice to those with a loved one facing cancer? Reach out frequently and let them know that you’re thinking of them. They may not always be able to reply but knowing that you care can mean so much!

At 8 am on Sunday, Amanda and I will walk in honor of those whose lives have been touched by cancer…..and with a special prayer of thanks for those who have been my support over the last 20 months. Thank You!!!!

Livestrong Challenge



4 thoughts on “A Difficult Week

  1. Lost my Mom to inflamatory breast cancer and have a cousin dealing with non-Hodgins lymphoma. Walk strong and good luck.

  2. Thank you, Carrie, for not giving up on yourself and for supporting every one else who has gone through, is going through, will go through, went to Peace through, the battle of cancer. I admire you in so many ways. YOU make me proud and LIVESTRONG! Bless you on Sunday, and always.

  3. As always my prayers and thoughts are with you. Good Luck in your walk. You have helped many who are going through tough times, keep up the good work.

  4. Hope the walk went well, Carrie! Good advice as always – my friend who was struggling with the ‘C’ word actually rang me last night and i didn’t hear the phone cos of my loud music, haha. I’ll ring her back today, tho.

    Good Luck to your friend and I hope things ease off a bit for you too.

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