Today at the Neuorologist

Isn’t this a pretty setting? Doesn’t it make you feel relaxed and peaceful? Me, too. Unlike my visit with the neurologist today….

Well, actually it wasn’t that bad. Larry had to drive me, of course, and rather than sitting quietly in the waiting room, he came with me to the examination room. My “Physician’s Assistant”, Dwayne, and I went through the usual exam routine, talked about what I’d experienced since going on the AED’s, etc. The “Simple Partial Seizure?” that I had during the Livestrong 5K was a concern so when my neurologist joined us, it was decided that we should increase my dosage again….to 1500 mg of Keppra, twice a day. Then, the three men chatted amongst themselves about the fact that this dosage might make me cranky and Larry is to notify them if my attitude becomes a problem. Well….that, of course, made me cranky. What woman wants to sit and listen to three men chat amongst themselves about whether she’s a bitch or not (excuse my language but, A-I am a dog breeder, after all, and B-we’ve already established the fact that I’m cranky). And…once again I was lectured about the fact that I shouldn’t drink tea, but once again I pointed out that tea was all I had left. I’d rather not eat, I’ve given up coffee, I drink very little wine….the one thing that I have left that I enjoy is green tea…..”and I’m gonna drink green tea if I want to!” So…that’s the latest. We’re gonna see how I do on massive doses of Keppra and if that doesn’t work, we’ll have to try something else.

On a random, unrelated note…..did any of you watch America’s Got Talent last night? I watched it for the first time and frankly, I was concerned that I might have nightmares about overweight, middle aged men in spandex last night. That couple with the hoop….well, that was just disturbing! And the “Purple Couple”, the tiny woman and her 240 pound husband…..well, Larry and I wondered if we could reenact that and Amanda, understandably, found that disturbing. OOOHHHH!…..and the man who put the hook and the power drill in his nose…..I didn’t need to see that!!! And yet….I’ll probably watch part two this evening……


3 thoughts on “Today at the Neuorologist

  1. We both were in cracking up reading your post.. and they would be really smart not to mess with your green tea! You do have a way with words! You really do need to consider writing a book maybe in the category of inspirational humor?

  2. Everyone keeps telling me that I should write a book! 🙂 I had Larry and Amanda rolling with laughter as I read this post to them earlier today. One of these days I’ll have to do a video post so that I can act it out for you, too. 🙂

  3. Yep, you have a way with words!! You do need to write a book…….you’ve got the blog……but you really could be getting some money writing, you know!! 😉

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