Egeskov Slot

This is a picture of Egeskov Slot (Castle) on Funen in Denmark. We traveled to Denmark a few years ago and attended the “Very Special Show” (Beagle Specialty) and a big Newfoundland specialty where Lesley judged Best in Specialty (brought into the ring on the back of a Harley!). My Danish ancestors came from Funen so this was a very special trip for me. I loved Denmark and I have many fond memories of the trip…including having Happy Birthday sung to me by our Danish friends at Tivoli the night before we returned home.

I wear an amber bracelet that I bought on my first trip to Denmark to remind me that I will return someday…and next year, when the World Show is held in Denmark, I plan to be there. I’m saving my airline miles, my hotel points…whatever it takes to make that trip. Herbie has sired a couple of litters in Europe this year and I’d love to see his get. I’d love to see our European friends again, too, and do some more sightseeing in Denmark. I LOVE that they offer pickled herring for breakfast in the hotels!!! LOL! For now, though, I’ll just be daydreaming in Denmark…..

Healthwise, I’ve been doing ok. I’m handling my anti-seizure medication ok but I’ve been having problems with dumping syndrome this week, “testing the waters” and discovering that I still can’t eat milk or sugar. It’s now 9 months since my surgery and progress has been very slow with regard to my ability to eat. I can’t eat more than a handful of food at a time and I have to be careful about what I eat or I feel ill. I now weigh 113 pounds and laughed when I saw Prince on Ellen Degeneres the other day….”Oh my gosh! I’m the same size as Prince!” That’s pretty small. I’m trying to gain weight but it’s hard when you have no interest in food and you feel better when you haven’t eaten.

My cancer is in remission and my next CT scan won’t be until October….so all is good there. I’d like to see someone about my aneurysm but we can’t afford another medical bill right now. For years I’ve said that I believe God has one regret….slugs!!!….but lately I’ve been thinking that he’s had second thoughts about menopause, too. Hot flashes are dumb! Really!!! Cancer, epilepsy, an aneurysm and menopause all at the same time… really is more than one person should have to deal with…don’t you think!!!??? 🙂

As poor as my health is, our financial health is even worse. I won’t go into that here….but I try very hard not to get stressed out….my body doesn’t need any more stress. I get up each day and give thanks for the roof over my head, for food to eat, for the people that I love and for the people who love me….and for beagles. The Keppra that I take has not made me cranky, or depressed, or suicidal….in fact, I’m surprisingly positive most of the time…..and I laugh a lot. I make the most of what I’ve got….and hold firm to the belief that things will get better.


2 thoughts on “Egeskov Slot

  1. Did you ever check to see what programs the state has. My niece that had cancer, did not have medical insurance and did not have money, she got excellent care on a state program, which she is still on. Every state is different, but they all have medical assistance programs. You might want to look into it.
    Hope you feel better and that things get better. I know houses are not moving. My street has always been a good real estate street. Houses moved quickly, and sold for mid $700’s to $800’s, now houses have been on the market for months and are in the low $600’s to high $500’s. I am anxious to get out of New Jersey, our property taxes are so high.
    Take care.

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