Today’s mental journey takes me to Venice.

I overdid it yesterday….spending a few hours cleaning the kennel. Ordinarily, it wouldn’t have seemed like a great deal of activity but, like eating, I just can’t do as much as I used to do. At 5:00, I realized that I’d done too much. I walked down to the house on weak, “jello legs”, had a few bites to eat, watched the Tour de France, and was in bed by 9. I’m not going to do anything today….just a little reading, a little mental travel….and thinking about my next litter….

Maya has unexpectedly come in season again and I’d like to breed her one last time….I just wasn’t planning to do it now! She’s produced some very nice puppies for me, though….

…..darn! I’ll have to spend the day thinking about stud dogs……LOL!  (sarcasm intended!)


3 thoughts on “Today….Venice….

  1. You can take me to Venice with you, or anyplace in Northern Italy for that matter.
    Hope you stick to your word and relax today.
    Take care.

  2. Glad the meds haven’t knocked you out – you’re weight IS creeping in the right direction tho, yes? 🙂

    Hope you’ve rested up and have a few Likely Lads in mind for Maya

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