So here’s the latest in the long list of physical challenges that I’m dealing with….

I just got off the phone with my G.I. nurse. Earlier this week when I went in for endoscopy, they discovered an ulcer and took a biopsy. “The good news”, she said “is that there is no sign of the cancer. We did, however, discover that you’ve got a fungal infection in your stomach”. Well, isn’t that charming?!!! So now I have to clear that up…with more meds…. Sure would be nice to have prescription drug coverage!

I suspect that the infection may have been caused by (or at least enhanced by) the kombucha which I’ve been drinking lately.  Kombucha is a mushroom/yeast tea that is high in B vitamins, vitamin C, and touted for it’s anti-cancer benefits.  It’s served cold  so it’s been a great substitute for iced tea recently.  I suppose that one way or another I’ll be down to just water before long….sigh….


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