Hospital Bill

This beautiful tree is located in the Portland Japanese Garden. We’re headed to Portland today to deliver a puppy, then lunch with David and Lesley, home inspection on the way home and stop off to see Amanda at PLU.

A few weeks ago, Amanda had surgery to remove a benign ganglion cyst on the bottom of her foot. The surgery took about 20 minutes and yesterday we got the statement from the insurance company for the hospital portion of the bill (doesn’t include the doctor or the anesthesiologist). The cost….just to use the hospital, for a 20 minute surgery….was over $14000, of which, we get to pay over $1200. That’s insane!


5 thoughts on “Hospital Bill

  1. $14K seems very steep … You might want to have them recheck with the billing dept … I don’t even think MY c-sections at Swedish were that high. Yikes. Reform on costs too, please.

  2. Way out of line. But I think we all are to blame for such charges. We don’t ask about costs, doctor or hospital, ahead of time and object, as needed. We can still shop for care and should, even with insurance. If we don’t, we reward overcharging.

    We shop for veterinary care, and cost is one consideration. Cost is not the only factor, and not necessarily the most important factor, but most of us do avoid veterinarians and vet hospitals who overcharge. We should be doing the same with our own healthcare.

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