Lemon Green Tea

Just a note of thanks to everyone for the response to my recent blog post. My UPS man delivered two boxes of lemon green tea yesterday and just as poppies have been a symbol of hope for me over the last two years, I think that a cup of lemon green tea has come to symbolize the love and support of friends. I’m sitting at my desk, drinking a cup of tea, and looking out at the sunrise on a beautiful November morning….and giving thanks for all of you.

The book is coming along well. Amanda came home last weekend and read what I had written so far. Aside from some punctuation errors, and overlooking my need to “speak in ellipses”….she gave her approval.

Early tomorrow morning, I’ll have my port removed. I’ve grown oddly attached to it….perhaps a symbol of what I’ve overcome….and I’m a little sad to see it go. I’ve also decided to add another seizure med to my daily collection of pills. I’ve been living a bit “close to the edge” lately, sensing that my seizure threshold has been lower at times. My seizures have been occurring approximately every three months and I’ve just passed the two month mark so I want to make sure that I don’t have another. I’m not afraid to have a seizure but I DO want to drive again and I don’t want to start over with another six month wait.


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