Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!, originally uploaded by javagirl24.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, free from commercialism and focused on family and giving thanks for the many blessings in our lives.

We picked Amanda up at PLU yesterday afternoon and stopped at Tacoma Boys to pick up a few things on the way home. It’s a local market with narrow aisles and unique items, a place that we like to visit on trips to and from school. Amanda and I danced in the narrow aisles as MC Hammer and AC/DC played in the background and burst out laughing when the produce man paused, while watering his produce, and asked Amanda if this was the woman that she had wanted him to hose down. LOL!!!! Larry later said that we could be heard throughout the store. We didn’t care….we were having a great time.

Later that night, I had another seizure. I went to bed at 7:30, just to lie down for a little while because I felt sleepy. At 8:00 Amanda came in and we started talking. Around 8:15 I felt like I was starting to have a hot flash but I soon had heart palpitations and started to sweat. I never lost consciousness but it was difficult to maintain my train of thought and I felt weak and dizzy. It was time to take my medication so I made my way to the kitchen, took my medication, then went back to my room and slept for two hours.

I’ve been feeling “off” for several weeks and since my grand mal seizures have been occurring every three months (and that window is approaching) I was prompted to make the recent change to my seizure medication. Whether last night’s partial seizure was an averted grand mal or a sign that the new meds are not working, I don’t know. As usual, I’ve chosen to get ill on a long holiday weekend when my doctors are unavailable. I’ll be making phone calls on Monday.

I’ve been highly sensitive to overstimulation lately….sugar, simple carbs, caffeine, a conversation with 4 or 5 people…..the simplest of things can be fine one day but overwhelming the next. Having had the partial seizure last night, I decided that spending Thanksgiving at my brother’s house with a houseful of guests was probably not a good idea so I stayed home today with six beagles (each taking turns on my lap), some candles and few good movies. It was a lovely, quiet afternoon.


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