Eye Doctor

Today’s agenda includes a visit to the eye doctor this afternoon.  I haven’t seen an eye doctor since I was a child but my vision has gotten a bit blurry since chemo and I don’t think that epilepsy has helped the situation.  Some  of the seizure medications that I’ve taken are also known to affect vision so I thought that it would be a good idea to have a chat with an ophthamologist.
Boy!  I’m likin’ December ’09!  Two glorious sunny days in a row so far!  🙂


One thought on “Eye Doctor

  1. How did your eye doctor visit go? I had a surprise visit to an eye doctor last Wednesday. My doctor was away, she had a sub. The Doctor and her office staff were so nice it was a very good experience. I had a small piece of metal under the upper lid of my eye. It was taken out quickly and without any discomfort. It did leave scratches, so I had to put in drops for 5 days. All is well now.
    Hope you are feeling better and your new meds will bring you good results.

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