No Web Site, No E-Mail

Two Seasons, originally uploaded by Ben Heine.

Imagine my delight this morning when I woke from three hours of sleep (the sixth straight night of limited sleep) to discover that both my e-mail and web site are down. Cuddling a warm cup of lemon water, savoring a mouthful of gerbil food and hovering over my baby laptop, I rubbed together my three remaining sleep deprived, menopausal, epileptic brain cells and decided to look at the bright side….”Well, that puts an end to the hundreds of spam e-mails that I receive every day!” Once the joy of that revelation had worn off, I was now faced with the dilemma….what to do about my e-mail and what to do about the Talbot Hill Beagles web site. It’s been years since I constructed my web site, registered my domain or even had contact with my web host. Please don’t take this as a plea for help…..I don’t need help resolving the issue…..I just need to share with the world how happy I am that one more thing in my life has stopped working. LOL!

I really am laughing about this. Amanda and I were just talking about my grandparents. “What would they think?” I asked. “Here we are listening to 100’s of Christmas songs played on a tiny ipod Nano, while I chat with friends in Europe on my netbook, having just finished a book that I downloaded from the library onto my sony eReader”. They would never have imagined having such problems as web sites and e-mail going “Poof”.

Just as cancer did……just as epilepsy, menopause and financial worries will……web site and e-mail problems will resolve themselves eventually……for now you can reach me on Facebook.

And, if I’ve just cursed Facebook, I hope that you’ll forgive me.


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