How Are You?

Dad called this morning to ask how I was doing. “You haven’t blogged for a while” he said. “Yes, well…not much new to report,” I said, “and, I’ve resolved to spend a bit less time on my blog and Facebook this year. Besides, I have nothing substantive to report at the moment.”

I’ll meet tomorrow afternoon with my primary care doctor, followed immediately by an appointment with “neurologist #1”. Over the last six weeks I’ve been dealing with fatigue, insomnia and a urinary tract infection, among other things….an entire cluster of symptoms which none of the specialists can seem to find an explanation for. I have my own theories, which I’ll discuss with my new primary care doctor tomorrow. When I have more information, I’ll let you know….

On Thursday I’ll be flying to Palm Springs to spend a long weekend with best friends David and Lesley Hiltz and Alyce Gilmore at the Kennel Club of Palm Springs dog shows. This has become an annual event that I look forward to each year as I look out on the grey, cold, rainy January days here in Seattle…..dreaming of sunshine and warm weather in southern California. The dog shows are held on the polo fields, among the largest shows all year, and while we’re not going down to show…just to watch….we’ll enjoy every moment in the sunshine. After nine months in exile, unable to drive or travel and looking at the same four walls, watching the planes outside my window as they head south or east from SeaTac airport, I’ll finally be on one of those planes myself…….flying south…..


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