A Long Week

It’s been a long week….well, ten days or so….and while I feel like blogging, my mind and my body are exhausted. I’ve increased my activity level, in part to hopefully increase the amount of sleep that I’m getting each night….and it HAS helped. I’ve gone from sleeping 1 – 3 hours per night to sometimes 4 -5 hours per night. Unfortunately, though, with the increased activity I’ve also lost weight……..three pounds in one week!….. now down to 112 pounds from 115 a week ago.

I want to write but I need to rest…..to do nothing, physically or mentally…..more tomorrow….


2 thoughts on “A Long Week

  1. Its good to pace yourself. Listen to your body and what it needs. I hope you start sleeping better at night. If not, talk to your doctor. Perhaps they can give you something to help.
    My sister in law just found out at her one year check up that she is still cancer free. She had NHL. My husband continues to battle Colon Cancer.
    So, I have an idea what you are going through. KEEP THE FIGHT!

  2. Just discovered your blog and posts through a Google search, and I love it. I especially enjoy your pictures…Christmas Day pic was beautiful. Do you take them? And good energy and well wishes are being sent your way for a good outcome! I will be following.


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