Four Pounds of Quinoa

I love to travel and as I sit at my desk in the living room, I look out at the southern sky watching the planes fly east from SeaTac airport. I often imagine myself on one of those planes, wondering where they’re bound. Spending the last year at home, I’ve done a lot of vicarious travel, through meditation, through the internet, through the tales told by friends when they return from their trips.

I love to eat, too….or….rather, I used to. Following the partial gastrectomy in October 2008 to remove the tumor in my stomach, I now have a tiny stomach and an altered digestive system. My vagus nerve had to be removed which means that I no longer feel hunger….ever. I have to eat frequently throughout the day and my medication requires extra fluid intake so I’m constantly eating or drinking something. The options, though are rather limited. I am now…

Alcohol free
Sugar and Artificial Sweetener Free
Caffeine Free (except for a cup of green tea in the morning)
Gluten Free
and I’m primarily vegetarian but not “religious” about it

…, if you stop and think about it, that doesn’t leave many options. I used to love wine but now I can only enjoy a sip from a friend’s glass from time to time. I used to love coffee but now I just walk around the house with a cup and enjoy the smell, pretending I’m someone who can drink coffee. I LOVE bread… I’m not even going to think about that and imagine what the holidays are like without cookies and candy. I just can’t do that anymore. Instead, like travel, I have to enjoy food vicariously. I watch food and travel shows on TV and I’m reading the book above “Alone In the Kitchen With An Eggplant”, a collection of essays by food writers. As I write this post, I’m nibbling on “Gerbil Food”, a mix of nuts and seeds and listening to Tom Douglas’ local three-hour radio show about food and wine. In the kitchen, a four pound bag of quinoa waits to see what clever woman with a tiny stomach can come up with for dinner. Tonight, thanks to Heather Swanson….Heather’s Quinoa Recipe.  Tomorrow….ahhh, well, you’ll just have to tune in tomorrow! 🙂


One thought on “Four Pounds of Quinoa

  1. I think you are tormenting yourself by reading and hearing about food all the time. Do you like to garden? If gardening on a large scale is not for you at this time, you can do it on a smaller scale in pots. I find that gardening makes me calm and peaceful.

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