On The Blog Again…

Hooray! I’m Back! And my back is back…more or less…but we’re not going to test that too much. So….while I feel inspired to write and while I have a lot that I’d like to say, what will follow will likely be a series of short blog posts on a series of random topics that occupy my mind these days. I can only sit still for short periods of time before my back starts to lock up again so I need to keep moving and….darn it!!!…I’m just gonna have to keep making those nightly trips to the gym to lie in the sauna and rest my poor back! I hate it when that happens….. 😉

Plenty of blog posts to come…..


One thought on “On The Blog Again…

  1. What happened to your back? While I write this Galahad is having a barking fit. A huge dog went by and so he has to go crazy. He dragged me down the block after him. He will continue to bark for at least an hour.

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