What Happened To Your Back?

Someone has asked, in response to my previous post, what has happened to my back. To explain, let me review the events of the last year since I haven’t blogged much recently….

2009 had been a series of grand mal seizures and attempts, through trial and error, to find the right medication to control those seizures. Each time that the medication was changed, I had a new set of side effects to deal with and a four to six week period of mental fog would begin, leaving me in an altered physical and mental state. Until my seizures are under control, I’m not allowed to drive and since we live in the country, at the end of a dead end road, I spent most of 2009 at home alone, trying to maintain my weight (cancer in 2008 had left me with half of my stomach) and my mind.

In mid-December 2008, my body suddenly adjusted to my current medication (Keppra + Topamax) and the effects of the previous medication (Lamictal) had finally worn off. My mind was once again clear which, for an intelligent, articulate woman was a wonderful Christmas gift. When I can’t sit at my computer and type a legible sentence…….well, you can imagine how frustrating that might be…..
The card above was a Christmas gift from my daughter, Amanda. For years I’ve given her goofy cards and she couldn’t resist giving this one to me. In addition to non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2007/2008 and epilepsy in 2009, I was also diagnosed with an ulcer and an aortic aneurysm in 2009 and chemotherapy has blessed me with premature menopause. Great card, Amanda!!! 🙂

So….my body has adjusted to my current meds and my body is now back to my “normal”….which means that I sleep 1 – 3 hours per night. I’ve been rather sedentary over the last year so in order to improve my stamina and improve my sleep, I rejoined the gym a couple of weeks ago and started working out last week. I had a free session with a trainer who, noting my lack of condition, kindly gave me two light workouts instead. Two 20 minute workouts, separated by three days…and lots of bed rest. Then, last weekend, I had three days of dog shows. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s so much more than what I’m used to and on top of that I have to remember to eat and drink constantly. On Tuesday, I twisted slightly and that was all it took…my back went into spasms….I was bent over forward and to the right, locked up and unable to straighten up. I’ve been nursing my back constantly ever since.


3 thoughts on “What Happened To Your Back?

  1. So what else is new with you? No I really do wish you well, hope your back gets better. Take care, I bet you are sick of people saying that.

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