The Majestic Mt. St. Helens, originally uploaded by jodi_tripp.

We had another gorgeous day yesterday with a high of 68 degrees. I sat outside and read for a while, soaking up a little vitamin D, knowing that more typical spring days were on the horizon….

I woke early this morning, around four am, as I often do, to the sound of rain softly falling on the roof, dripping through the leaves of the enormous rhododendron that sits just outside our bedroom window. It’s during those hours of four or five in the morning when my mind is most inspired to write….and I wish it would stop! Can’t it find another time to feel inspired? A time when I’m up, dressed, already sitting at my netbook, ready to put my fingers to the keyboard and let them fly? At four in the morning I’m not ready to leave my warm, soft bed and exchange it for a firm chair and a computer screen. Instead, I lie in bed and compose my thoughts, hoping that I can recreate them when I do get up….and that will be my task today.

I’ve put various thoughts on paper over the past few months but I’ve been waiting for them to take shape, become a rough draft. For the last couple of months, I’ve written nothing at all, too busy with the details of life and not really sure what form my book would take. This morning, though, in the early morning hours before dawn, I was given a prologue, featuring Mt. St. Helens, that I think will finally help my book take shape.


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