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Have you been delightful today? 🙂

Yesterday I had another endoscopic procedure done. When I had the partial gastrectomy in October 2008 to remove the tumor in my stomach, the vagus nerve, which carries a variety of messages between the stomach and the brain, had to be removed as well. This permanently affected the motility of my digestive system and left me with no sensation in my stomach: I never feel hunger, I never feel pain. The last time that I had this procedure done, they discovered an ulcer and a fungal infection, which I had no idea that I had. For several weeks, I’ve felt mild nausea after eating and a desire to lie down, often napping for an hour or two…so I thought that perhaps it would be a good idea to check and make sure that things were ok.

My best friend is an RN and she recently started working in a GI ward but she told me that she wasn’t enjoying her work as much as she had hoped to. “How could that be!?!” I asked…incredulous! LOL! Silly me…I always look forward to these things. I go in, somebody gives me Versed, I take a nap, and then I go home. It’s a good thing! 🙂 But…she had shared what it’s like from the nurse’s perspective. So yesterday, while I was being prepped for my procedure, I was DELIGHTFUL! 🙂 I had the nurses laughing…a lot! Now…this is my normal routine, regardless of which doctor I’m going to see, but I took special care yesterday, thinking of my friend, and tried to be delightful.

I’m afraid that I was delightful again last night in the middle of the produce section of Fred Meyer as I reenacted for Amanda (who came home from college for the weekend) an event that had happened earlier that week. Herbie and I sat in the living room one evening as two squirrels hung upside down from their tiny hind squirrel toes from the thinnest of branches on our cherry tree and denuded the branches of their buds! Now…if you are family or a close friend, you are, at this point, already laughing to yourself because you can picture me. This is a story that MUST be reenacted! I’m standing somewhere between the potatoes and the cucumbers with my purse and my shopping basket on the floor, one foot in the air, arms flailing, husband and daughter nervously looking in all directions in case there is anyone in the store that they know, telling a tale about two squirrels exposing their tummies to me as they greedily strip my tree of all its buds. “No wonder we haven’t gotten any cherries from that tree for the last few years!! Those silly squirrels have been sneaking in under cover of darkness and eating our cherry blossoms!!!” I do love to tell a story and it’s even better when I can act it out. It’s probably better that I act it out in the privacy of our own home but I really have no shame about these things so….well…there you go….

When we got home from the store, we turned on the TV and discovered the Men’s World Curling Championships, Canada vs Norway. Now, Amanda and I are HUGE curling fans!!!! We can sit… mesmerized by curling for hours and ordinarily we’re big fans of the Canadian team but when the Norwegian men showed up at the Olympics in the pants pictured above….well….I thought they were just….DELIGHTFUL!!!! 🙂 Aren’t those the best pants??? I’d love to have a tiny pair and I’ve been dared to wear them to a dog show….and I’ll take that dare, Jenn!! 🙂 Although, I don’t think that Herbie will want to be seen with me. 😉

The whole point of this post, when I originally sat down to write, was to suggest that you find a way to be delightful each day…for yourself and for others. Some of us have been dealt more than our share of stuff to deal with in this life….and often times, you wouldn’t know it to look at us. Personally, I’m still dealing with a lot of mental and physical challenges that people just can’t see. The nurses who cared for me yesterday have challenges in their own lives and in their work that I don’t know about but I can make their day easier by being …delightful! 🙂 I’m sure that those darn squirrels have some sort of squirrel issues that they’re trying to work out by hanging upside down from my tree and while I would have liked to have had cherries this summer, I have a great story to tell instead. And God bless the Norwegian men’s curling team for their fashion sense! I think they’re delightful!!! 🙂

A positive attitude, a sense of humor and a daily dose of silliness are a healthy and delightful thing for all of us! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Delightful!

  1. Happened to stumble upon this website yesterday while looking at gold sights with a friend and saw not only the Norwegian pants, but some other very fancy pants as well. Can you believe they also make blazers like that? Oooooo La Laaaa! Enjoy! :o)

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