Busy Girl

Tomorrow I’ll start work at the Border’s bookstore at SeaTac airport, located just to the left of the food court in the photo above. I’m excited about my new job which combines two loves: books and travel. I’ve always loved being at the airport. I love the energy of the airport, the adventure of travel, and the fascinating opportunity to interact with a diverse cross-section of people, classes and cultures.

Juggling my two jobs and maintaining a healthy physical and personal life will be a challenge at first but I suspect that it will all work out before long. I’m scheduled for 40 hours over the next week but I’m also scheduled for some short nights of sleep and long hours on my feet. I lost three pounds after my first week at Ann Taylor, having worked just eight hours, so I’ll need to really focus on getting enough to eat, getting enough sleep and on staying hydrated. I’m thankful that Amanda is home from school for the summer and able to help out at home. She’s been a big support to me and I can always count on her to pick up the pieces as my schedule has fluctuated wildly over the last few weeks. Thank you, Amanda!!! 🙂

Early Sunday morning, after a late night at Ann Taylor and just before a full shift at Borders, I’ll be walking with Amanda in the LiveStrong Challenge 5K Walk at Seattle Center. This is the second year that we’ve participated in the LiveStrong Challenge, raising money to help support LiveStrong’s efforts to help fight cancer and provide support to those battling cancer. LiveStrong has been a great support to me, both during my battle with cancer and as a survivor, helping me to regain my health and get on with my life. I’ve pledged to raise $500 this year and I’d appreciate your generous donation to LiveStrong. Thank you for your support!!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Busy Girl

  1. That is so much to take on. Please eat well and take care of yourself. Best of luck and good wishes go your way. Herbie must miss you.

    • Herbie has been wonderful! 🙂 He always knows just when I need a cuddle.

      It IS going to be a big change of lifestyle. Having spent all of 2009 and the early part of this year sedentary and medicated, to think that I’ll soon be working 40+ hours per week….well, it’s quite a change….but I have to work.

      Thank you for the good wishes, Maureen! As always, I appreciate your support 🙂

    • LOL! I’m feeling a bit old right now, Tracy. 🙂 I worked an 8 hour shift last night, until 1:30 am, came home and slept for 4 hours, got up and took care of dogs, then got ready for work and went back for another 4.5 hour shift. 4 hours of sleep and 12.5 hours on my feet in 24 hours….I’m not used to that. My back is sore and I’m ready to curl up with a book and a beagle and a glass of wine. 🙂

      • Wow! That would make anyone exhausted!! I hope that everyday won’t be like that for you.
        Take care of yourself……


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