Fourth Cancerversary

Four years ago, an ER doctor asked, “Did you know that you have a mass in your stomach?”  Three years ago, I lost half of my stomach to cancer and I now live with an altered digestive system.  Two years ago, I developed epilepsy and sat at home…heavily medicated and unable to drive for a year.  Over the last two years, I’ve gone through bankruptcy and foreclosure…and next month my divorce will be finalized.

And yet…I’m happy and I’m at peace.  I have no regrets about my past and I look forward to my future.  I get up each day and put a smile on my face, I make the most of each day and I don’t worry about what the future holds.  I have very little…but I have enough.

That night in the ER was a turning point in my life and the days since then have not been easy but I would not change a thing.  Those days have brought me here, where I ought to be…

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4 thoughts on “Fourth Cancerversary

  1. Knowing you outside of blogland – I can say without a doubt that YOU are the most positive person!! You are a bright light to so many and you never cease to smile. I love that about you. Cheers to a future bright and promising for you as you have already walked through many dark times with courage and perseverance. Well done, Carrie!!!

  2. Carrie, I was reading your entry from June 5 recently. I have starred that entry (in google reader) as kind of a perfect, almost poetic picture of perseverance. Stay strong and as always, I think about you with so much fondness as “the lady who gave us our beagle!”

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